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Trying a different player

I’m trying a different player type.

It’s nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas. I love Christmas! Carols are the best. Especially on a boat.

Super Player Cloud Fun

Sony x70 Best Picture Profile

Tim’s favourite pp also good on z90 BLACK LEVEL: -6 GAMMA: ITU709 BLACK GAMMA: HIGH 0 KNEE: MANUAL 87.5%, SLOPE -2 COLOR MODE: ITU709 MATRIX SATURATION: 0 COLOR PHASE: 0 COLOR DEPTH: R+3, G+3, B+2, C+2, M+3, Y+3… Read More

Tuba repair

My Conn 25J is getting repaired by Ozwinds in Melbourne. I am very grateful to them for the work. Hoping to have something back and playable for 2022…

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Cameras and microphones for streaming

You can make almost anything look good with one or two cameras, some graphics and really good audio. Have matching cameras – if you have two of the same camera brand, with same colour settings, your shots will… Read More

How to encode and deliver a live stream

Your encoder: Use a GTX 1060+ card in a Windows machine, with a PCI-e or thunderbolt or even a good USB capture card that can take at least 1920×1080@60fps. Framerate is really important. Often it is more important… Read More

First post!

This is my first post. I hope you like it as much as I do.